When you're sad, give it the right attention

Had a heart to heart with a good friend recently. We were both kinda bummed out by life events. His friends wanted to take him out to drink at a fancy bar that night. He was reluctant.

It's nice to go out and be cheered up by your friends. But when you're in a temporary funk, sometimes you just want to be alone and let sadness do its thing.

When I asked him what he really wanted to do, his eyes lit up. "I want to buy some pineapple juice, pour it on ice, go home burn incense and watch 90s television."

I replied, "Then say to your friends, 'good idea, but not tonight' and go do your own thing. Sit in it."

He relished in his pineapple juice and 90s TV. That night, I chowed on raw veggies, called home to Mum and taught myself new things on Ableton Live.

I felt like a new woman the next day. And I know we were both much happier that we gave sadness the right attention.