Give away the stuff you don't use

Last year I gave 4 car loads of my stuff away. Stuff I didn’t need. Stuff I hadn’t touched in years. And it all started because of a Star Wars book.  I was in conversation with David (AKA Artist, Ghostpatrol) and I noticed his book on Star Wars figurines sitting on his studio table. David told me that he used to collect figurines, he had a lot of them in his studio but over time they were going unused. Sitting there, collecting dust.

So he decided to give most of them away to kids who would appreciate them.

David’s logic: things you own are meant to be used, not admired like trophies. 

Owning the book meant that David had “every figurine”. A book he constantly refers to.

Books can be like that. I remember when I lived in Sydney I’d hold onto books that I didn’t regularly read. Or bought and had not read. They would sit on a bookcase, collecting dust, becoming trophies.

I went to my storage space. Transitioning overseas, not knowing when I will personally settle in Australia again means my stuff is locked away in boxes.

I went through everything. I found those darn trophy books, clothes, shoes, games, albums. Things I had forgotten I’d owned. Things I know I wouldn’t use once I had an Australian base again.

Then I went to my old bedroom at my mother’s house, same thing. I dug out a tonne of stuff that I knew would be of value to someone else. Shredded paperwork I didn’t need.

I do the regular clean out, but I hadn't at this level. David's words ran deep.