Failure is so common I wonder why we're so ashamed of it. I have a few ideas - the most prominent of ideas would be the very fact that we've been conditioned to think this way for quite some time. A lot of us had at least a good 12 years of this in our education system. We were raised to think that the only way to do well was to score highly, win, achieve. Basically, we were taught to not screw up. 

So when we enter the world beyond school, failure is much tougher to deal with.

When we reflect on our lives as objectively as we can, we are able see that life has been wonderfully and not so wonderfully coloured with failures.

We've all had them. Public failures, professional failures, various false starts and personal failures. So what can we learn from this?

What if there was a better way of looking at our failures? To do away with shame, to diminish ignorance and still mindfully acknowledge what went on? What if we looked at our failures with a bit of compassion and with all the esteem we can muster?

I think then we'll see that those failures were so necessary.


And a set up for something better.

I'd go so far as to say that life is the sum of many failures and few successes. And it's all rather glorious.