Media Talks

Welcome! An exciting Media Panel Event is coming...

Hello! Welcome to my first "proper blog post" and welcome to my site. I've been working away on a few projects post The Voice, one of which I will announce in full next week.

The event is a media panel to take place in Melbourne aimed at students who would love a career in broadcast, print or online media - ranging from hard news to the world I work in, entertainment (insert jazz hands here).

Working on this event has been nothing but a joy so far, I'm overwhelmed by the generosity and support of people that are willing to take part in this and help promote this event. You'll be impressed by the panelists - they're all the best at what they do and are all offering up their time to share their knowledge in the careers they've carved out for themselves.

This is the first time I'm having a crack at running an event at this level with lots of people on board to help out. I also plan to film this event and get the core messages out from the night - so don't fret people who live beyond the boarders of Victoria! I hope to work on a similar event in other parts of Oz, baby steps first.

In the meantime I'd love to hear your thoughts about this. Are you a media student yourself? Thinking of a career change? Want to spread your wings and dabble into other areas of media? Let me know.